Refer or Become a Resident

Garland Oaks is a safe home in East Tennessee for girls ages 12 to 17 who are survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking. 

Residents can come to Garland Oaks from government agencies or  family referrals. We can help a girl who is:

  • A survivor of DMST
  • Between the ages of 12 to 17
  • Biologically and gendered female from birth
  • Not pregnant
  • Not a threat to herself or others
  • Desire to grow in hope for her future

While we would love to be able to help every girl who contacts Garland Oaks, we are limited. We cannot help a girl who:

  • Is pregnant
  • Is suicidal
  • Is in drug detoxification
  • Has court obligations outside of Tennessee
  • Is a sex offender

Each referral should be educated about our program and what it entails. Please review our program and referral process. Garland Oaks is strictly a voluntary program. Every girl must be willing to agree with and participate in Garland Oaks’ program. If she is not ready to make life changes, she will most likely not benefit from being at Garland Oaks.

Our 3-Step Application Process

Our three-step application process aims to determine if Garland Oaks is the best treatment facility/safe home for the individual DMST survivor. Please allow Garland Oaks at least 24 hours to respond before following up. If an application is submitted on a non-business day, our staff will respond on the following business day. Garland Oaks reserves the right to deny any applicant admission at any time.


1. Simple Form 

Fill out this online form so we can get to know the DMST survivor and her situation better.

2. Personal Phone Call

Once we receive your information, we’ll follow up with a phone call to gather more information.

3. Detailed Application

We will send you a detailed intake application to provide us with all the information we need to admit the survivor into our program.

4. Personal Interview

If the application is approved, Garland Oaks staff will meet with the potential resident in-person to share more information about the program. 

5. Her Choice

Following the interview, if the potential resident decides she wants to enter the program, we will schedule her intake date.

If you have any questions about our application process, please email

Immediate Assistance

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic minor sex trafficking and you need immediate assistance, please contact:

National Human Trafficking Hotline

Tennessee Human Trafficking Hotline

BeFree Textline
Text HELP to BEFREE (233733)

His Love. Her Story. Your Help.

Garland Oaks is faith-driven and donation-supported. Every gift of time or resources helps us create a home of restoration, share the hope of Jesus and change the story of a DMST survivor.

Stay informed.

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