A Home of Restoration

As the first safe home in East Tennessee, Garland Oaks will offer physical, emotional, and spiritual hope and healing to female DMST survivors ages 12 to 17. Every aspect of the home has been designed to provide the best possible trauma-informed care.

Safe Spaces

Following a trauma-informed model, we’ve designed the layout and decor of each room to provide a place where the girls will find comfort and restoration. We’ve incorporated concepts like transparency, support, collaboration, empowerment, and choice in every aspect of the home to provide a pathway to recovery for each girl and to help protect her from any re-traumatization.

We’ve also taken care to ensure our staff members have private spaces to work and relax. Our staff rooms, offices, and staff retreat room are all designed to limit burnout and ensure they are equipped to be the best caregiver for the girls


The large functional space has an eat-at island where all the residents can eat together. Choice is a large part of recovery and restoration for these young ladies, so the kitchen is stocked with healthy snacks and breakfast and lunch items where they get to decide what they want to eat each day. Here, they also gather for one-on-one or group cooking classes as a part of their life-skills training. The girls also rotate times with our chef to help prepare meals.


The library is intended to be a quiet space, a place for reading, journaling, and reflection. Occasionally it may be used for one-on-one tutoring. The girls also may meet here to have Bible study or conduct research for a school assignment. The shelves are filled with lots of classic literature and wholesome fiction books.


The classroom setting is equipped to support every girl’s unique learning style and grade level. Each girl has her own space to minimize distractions. Because of the trauma these young ladies have experienced, we have taken great care to provide many sensory options to help them fully focus on their studies. They can listen to music, turn on an essential oil diffuser, sit with a weighted blanket or play with a fidget toy. The Garland Oaks teacher is certified and is a specialist in her field, equipped to support our trauma-informed model.

Creative Space

The creative space is a room where the girls can learn almost any kind of craft. They have time for structured learning and therapy through art, but they also have time in their daily routines to create, draw, write, paint or sing. The creative space has an abundance of supplies for her to pick and choose from to express herself.

Counseling Room

In the counseling room, our therapists build trust and the girls grieve and are comforted. Designed to protect the privacy of each girl, the counseling room will have its own entrance into the house. It can be emotionally exhausting to go through a therapy session. The girls’ counseling appointments are intentionally scheduled so as not to interfere with their schooling or other enjoyable activities so they can have time to rest after each session.


Our in-house boutique The Hive is a special part of the Garland Oaks program. Through a positive reinforcement rewards system, the girls earn tokens to spend every week in the boutique. They can browse all kinds of accessories and decorations, including clothing, jewelry, makeup, art supplies, nail polish, décor to personalize her bedroom, books, journals, stationery and more.

Fitness Room

Our fitness room is furnished with equipment to help each girl maintain physical health and work through their mental health. The girls can enjoy an elliptical, fitness bands, a punching bag, free weights, and a television with workout videos. Trained fitness instructors come in weekly to teach various forms of exercise.

Living/Media Room

Our media room and living room are places that encourage connection. These are great places for the girls to gather, have Bible studies, enjoy a movie together and connect. Every Sunday night, you can find them in here for movie and pizza night.

Dining Room

From the kitchen, two large sliding barn doors lead into a large family dining room where the girls can sit and eat. Our intent with this space is to show the girls what true family time should look like. With the exception of one or two nights per week, every dinner will be a family-style dinner eaten in the dining room and prepared by our resident chef with the assistance of one of the girls.

Bedroom Themes

Each of the 10 bedrooms has been given its own Hebrew girl name, with its own Biblical meaning. Every name is a reflection of God’s promises and love for us. When a girl moves into Garland Oaks, she gets to choose her room and bedroom accessories.


“Created By God”




“My God Answered”


“God is My Strength”


“God’s Grace”




“I Am My Beloved’s and My Beloved Is Mine”




“Pause and Reflection”


“Princess to Blossom”

By giving each room its own name, we can encourage Garland Oaks’ supporters to mail cards or pray for a specific girl while maintaining her confidentiality.

His Love. Her Story. Your Help.

Garland Oaks is faith-driven and donation-supported. Every gift of time or resources helps us create a home of restoration, share the hope of Jesus and change the story of a DMST survivor.

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